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Attention Cruisers,

The 2018 Delta Daze will be in the familiar confines of Potato Slough, Bedroom II August 4th through August 11th.  If you’re interested please mark your calendars and let your cruise leader, Ed Lecco (EdLecco925@gmail.com) know that you plan to go.  More details will be coming in over the next month and a half.  For now, here are the highlights:

Official Anchorage will be Potato Slough at Bedroom 2.  Two marinas, Korth’s Pirate’s Lair, Willow Berm Marina are just 2 nautical miles away.


 There will be a minimum number of events as this is a great “no plans” trip.  The following is planned:
• Saturday August 4:  Arrivals, Potato Slough Anchorage
• Sunday August 5:  Welcome to the Delta cocktail party and appetizers onboard Paramour in
Potato Slough Anchorage.
• Monday August 6:  BBQ at the Sand Bar, Willow Berm Marina (Land Cruisers Welcome)
• Wednesday August 8:  Dinner at Moores Riverboat Restaurant
• Saturday, August 11, departures
• Expect some unplanned surprise events to pop up.

Things to do:
• Explore the slough via kayak or dinghy. Swim or float in an inflatable lounge chair.
Go to shore and take a walk. Bring your boat projects along. Learn how to play guitar.
Read. Go fishing.
• Expect a few cocktail parties on your boat or other member’s boats.  Bring some
appetizers and BYOB to the boat hosting the cocktail party.
• Spend your day relaxing in your cockpit, reading a book, knitting, visiting other
EYC yachts or doing whatever suits your fancy.
• Days typically are in the 85 to 95 degree range.  Mornings are generally calm with
afternoon/evening winds.  This is an anchor out event.
• Holding ground is soft mud.  Water temperatures are in the 70 to 72 degree range,
cool enough to get your attention when you jump in but comfortable and refreshing once
in.  Bring your water toys, kayaks, pool noodles, etc., and don’t forget a handy squirt gun.
• Nights are cool and good for sleeping.
    • There is a mobile pump out service (The Septic Brothers) who will come out to the
anchorage Wednesday and empty your holding tanks if needed. You can also pump out at
Willow Berm Marina.
• Feel free to bring your dogs.

Remember that this is an informal cruise. Although we put together a fun agenda for activities, you can choose to involve yourself or not.

Please email Delta Cruise Leader Ed Lecco if you plan to attend and number of guests in your party.
  Stay tuned for Delta Daze news.  

Ed Lecco

Cruise Captain, Encinal YC

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