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Master Mariners Regatta

Memorial Day Weekend is the annual Master Mariners Regatta. The arrival party on Saturday features food, music, and a chance to view some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful and historic boats in the Bay Area. Members are welcome at the Saturday dinner buffet and Sunday morning breakfast buffet.

It’s a long-standing club tradition to host this event and we need many volunteers to make it a success. We need volunteers for these tasks:
• Soft-nosed Dinghies—at least five dinghies with minimum 10 HP engines to help dock the boats that arrive
on Saturday. Dinghies need a skipper and one crew member. No hard bow dinghies please as they can.
damage the boats.
• Line handlers on the docks to help secure the arriving boats.
• Ticket sellers for Saturday dinner buffet.

Crew meeting for volunteers is Saturday, May 25th at 1:30.

EYC docks are closed to all boats other than Master Mariner vessels from 4:00 pm Friday through 1:00 pm Sunday.

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