Encinal Yacht Club

Monday, September 9th, 2019
Kickoff (1st Game) 4:10 PST
Broncos at Raiders, 7:20 PST

Monday Night Football begins with a doubleheader on Monday, Sept. 9th. Join fellow EYC members as the RAIDERS launch their 2019 season against the Denver Broncos. Before the Raiders game, the Saints play the Texans beginning at 4:10 PST.

If you are not familiar with the EYC Monday Night Football tradition but are interested in hosting a specific game, you ca sign up at the bar. When you volunteer to host a specific game you are “in charge” for the evening and responsible for providing the entrée for that particular week. The entrée’ can be anything you want to provide--from a simple chili dish to a full blown Thanksgiving dinner.

On most Mondays, other members and guests contribute snacks and assorted munchies before the main entrée is brought out at half time. (The EYC kitchen is available.) A collection is taken from all Monday Night Football attendees and the proceeds can go to the host to cover out of pocket costs or to Junior Sailing, the EYC General Fund, etc. The bar IS open for MNF.

EYC Monday Night Football is a great way to meet other members, have fun and try out a new dish. There will be additional information in future Signal Flag issues.

See you all on Monday!

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