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March 3rd, 2018 Race Report
by Margaret Fago

Saturday March 3 Encinal Yachts Club’s Jack Frost lived up to its name. On the coldest race day this season, the racers were greeted with a hail storm on the way out to the course. Santana 22 Meliki’s skipper Deb Fehr laughed about sailing back and forth under the bay bridge to keep from getting pounded by the hail “which hurt”. The rainy squall lines moved through and the wind stayed up.

First race of the day, #9 of the series, started with a south wind blowing 10- 15. The last fleet. E, crossed the start line as Division A had rounded the windward mark and popped up spinnakers, then stalled in the dying wind. Red Cloud (single race entry) Tactician, Kevin Clark, looked out and noticed a wind line to the west. Dropping the chute they worked their way toward it catching the west breeze ahead of Azure and most of the rest of the fleet…the downwind leg had become upwind with a 180 degree wind shift and freshening breeze. Wysiwyg found the shifts and sailed in for another first place in div A in the once around, “windward” -“leeward turned to windward” course. Division C spinnaker, Renaissance on Tahoe and non spinnaker, Lioness, won by braving the cold and coming out racing as only one boat in each group made it to the start. Olsen 25, Shark in Blue Grass grabbed first over Synchronicity in race nine. Zingaro pulled into first place ahead of Carlos in the Santana 22’s tightly contested fleet of 6.

The rain showers pulled away and the sun came out before the 2nd race, # 10, of the series started with a 5-10 knot westerly which filled to 15+ by the second lap around the course. Wysiwyg, skippered by Hendrik Bruhns clinched her Division A series first place by winning the second race ahead of Azure who held onto her series second place with a second in race 10. Synchronicity kept her series lead secure with a first in the final race of the series. In the hotly contested Santana 22 fleet, even with 2 second place finishes, to Zingaro’s 2 first places for the day, Carlos, with skippers Jan Grygier and Lindsey Jennings, was able to easily keep her lead for the series.

About the Jack Frost Series

The Jack Frost Midwinters give folks the opportunity to race a leisurely set of races during the winter months. The races are held in the central bay, usually between Treasure Island and Alcatraz Island. There will be starts for PHRF divisions and for one design classes with at least five boats registered. Two races a day are scheduled and marks are set to provide good courses for race day conditions.

Midwinter racing is generally very mild, although an occasional front can sneak in and make the racing a bit more intense. The series is popular with our members and non-members, giving them a chance to get out on the water during the winter, and keep their boat in sailing form and sailing skills intact.

After racing, join us for complimentary clam chowder while you watch video of the day’s sailing back at the club. We award a prize each day to the race winner in each division or class.

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