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2016 - 2017 Jack Frost

Sailing Dates: 11/12/16, 01/21/17, 02/25/17, 03/18/17

Osituki, Gig, and Wysiwyg start the final 2015 Jack Frost race.

January 21st Race

Margaret Fago

Thirteen EYC’s Jack Frost skippers believed the weather forecast and came out to race on 1.21.17. A week of some of the wettest storms in recent history kept the rest away, but they missed a great sailing day with steady 10- 15 knot SW winds and no rain on the EYC course, tucked between the Berkeley Pier and Treasure island.

In class A, Wysiwyg, helmed by Hendrik Bruhns, firmed up their lead in the series with two bullets for race 3 and 4, followed by Gig then Azure in the first race . The first race was a short and sweet once around for all classes. With one race safely in for all the classes, the race committee sent the faster on a three times around the windward/ leeward course. Gig and Azure traded places in the second race.

Steve Smith’s Synchronicity, of the Olsen 25 one design group kept their lead as well with two bullets for the day. Alchemy was second.

The Santana 22’s, with seven boats on the line, were a tight group jockeying for the starts and finishing within minutes of each other. The McKenna’s with Zingaro, who missed race 1 and 2 in November, made up with two 1st’s in race 3 and 4. Jan Grygier on Carlos and Larry Nelson with Alabacore took the second place horns for race 3 and 4 while Deb Fehr of Meliki kept her second over all in the series, by holding onto third place in each race.

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