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Mercury Series

Sailing Dates: March 4, April 8, May 13, June 3

Race One Report
The weather forecast had 12-13 knots of wind with puffs close to 20 with some rain. It never happened.The course was across the estuary twice around, finishing downwind. Each race took over 20 minutes. The puffy shifts made for some good racing. Twelve Mercs raced in this opening of the NORCAL Series.

Race one had John Hansen and Tony Basso getting off fast at the committee boat end and were never headed. Jim and Kathy Bradley started in the same area to place second. Pax Davis and Paul Turner were going up the same side of the course to place third.

Race two the committee boat side of the course did not work. For the rest of the day the left side of the course seem to have more breeze. Dave West and Chris Krueger sailed it very well to win. Randy Smith and Tad Lacy placed second with Bill and Katie Worden third.

Race three the breeze was slightly stronger. Maybe there were a few puffs at 15, but the steady breeze was under 10. West got free again. Hansen and Bradley followed in that order. It seemed once you got the lead, you were able to hold it.

Race four Smith got it going and like the previous races once in the lead he held it. Hansen very consistent on the day finished second. Bradley was third.

Race five had Smith going up the left side building a lead that was good enough to win the race. Hansen was there again placing second followed by West. Congratulation to Hansen, who won for the day.

Many thanks to Marianne Poppelwell and Rear Commodore Theo Rohr for conducting the races.

Pac Davis

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Race Results

Race 1 Results