Encinal Yacht Club

2018 - 2019 Jack Frost

Sailing Dates

11/03/18, 12/01/18, 01/05/19, 02/02/19, 03/02/19

About the Jack Frost

The Jack Frost Midwinters give folks the opportunity to race a leisurely set of races during the winter months. The races are held in the central bay, usually between Treasure Island and Alcatraz Island. There will be starts for PHRF divisions and for one design classes with at least five boats registered. Two races a day are scheduled and marks are set to provide good courses for race day conditions.

Midwinter racing is generally very mild, although an occasional front can sneak in and make the racing a bit more intense. The series is popular with our members and non-members, giving them a chance to get out on the water during the winter, and keep their boat in sailing form and sailing skills intact.

Join us at the Encinal YC after the race. We often have video from the days racing. Also, enjoy some home brewed craft beer while we award prizes for days race winners.

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