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Mercury NORCAL Series

Sailing Dates: March 18, April 7, May 12, June 2

For over 72 years the Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association (MCYRA) has been racing throughout California. For 2018 the class continues to thrive and grow with great racing throughout all of California. The results for the Norcal series of races are listed on the right hand side of the page.

May 12th Race Report

Pax Davis

This was the third race day in the series. The first this year with out a forecast of rain. So, it was a warm perfect day. The average northwest wind was about 8 kts wit a few puffs at 14. The shifts were between West and northwest. As a result the racing was very close. There was no side of the race course the was consistently favored. You needed to be on the right side of the shift where the most wind was.

The first race was a single sausage finishing upwind. Jim Bradley with Chris Krueger were off fast from the start and were never headed, winning easily. John and Steffan Ravizza placed second holding off Pax Davis with Aaron Lee who placed third.

Race two was w-l-w finishing downwind. Ravizza got away and was never headed. David Bacci with Steve Jeppesen nosed out Davis in a very close finish for second place.

Race three was the same course as the second race. Bradley got away on the downwind leg and that was enough for him to hold on and win the race. Bacci was a solid second followed by Ravizza in third place.

Race four was the single sausage finishing on the wind. This was Ravizza day to show very steady boat speed. He got to the weather mark first and held on to finish first. Bacci having his best day in the series was second. Bradley was third.

Race five was the single sausage course. Davis stayed in the wind on the south shore on the down wind leg and was able to pass several boats and win the race. A pick up in the breeze and couple of shifts and Bacci was a very close second. Third place was Lyn and Pastal Hines who found that shift off the leeward mark.

Many thanks to Marianne and Ken Popplewell for conducting the races. Good courses, good race management. This couple have been doing this RC work for the Mercs for several years.

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