Encinal Yacht Club

Small Boat Solar Series

Sailing Dates:
03/16, 04/13, 05/18, 06/22, 07/20, 08/17

Own a Byte, Finn, Laser, Millimeter, Snipe, Vanguard 15 or other small one design boat? Please consider yourself invited to join us for one or more of our Small Boat Race Days. They are pretty casual drop in affairs. We aim to run five races an afternoon and will provide starts for two or more boats in a class. The days are scored individually and the boat that makes the best showing for each represented class is awarded a “Race Day Winner” glass. We also show video of the racing at the Club’s bar afterwards so you can relive your glory among your friends while enjoying a cocktail with them.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club for a Small Boat Race Day soon.

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